The 3 Top Mistakes You Might be Making in Selling

Do you have a product to sell?

Are you nervous about what you are going to say and do?

Are you disappointed in the money you are making?

Are you starting to think that you can’t sell anything?

Don’t worry.

It’s not you. It’s the mindset and system that you are using.

You can learn to sell!  I’ve spent the last ten or so years marketing books that I write as well as my coaching and speaking services.  In the beginning I was a shy introverted entrepreneur who thought I couldn’t sell anything.  It’s taken a lot of changes in my mindset and creativity in developing marketing systems to turn that around.  Basically I’m still a shy introvert but now I get surprised looks from others when I say that.  Why?  Today, I see sales as service.  I recognize the benefits of what I offer and see my role as sharing that with others to improve their lives.  Now I am eager and enthusiastic to serve others and my passion overcomes my fear.

When I coach clients who are selling a product I usually find three mistakes that are at the root of disappointing sales. Here they are and how you can turn them around:

#1.  Not Clarifying Your Ideal Customer:  This is probably the biggest and most common mistake.  Especially when you write a children’s book like I do, it’s easy to think that you can just promote your book anywhere that there might be parents hanging out…. and isn’t that just about everywhere?  The truth is you need to clearly identify who is your audience and then establish a presence in that market. Knowing your ideal customer means you know everything about them.  What are their interests?  What age are they?  What are the problems/stressors that they deal with everyday?  Where do they shop?   Where do they hang out?

# 2.  Not Educating the Potential Customer About the Benefits of your Product:  Most of us just expect our potential clients to know how great our product is intuitively.  After all we are so familiar with it, we expect that everyone else would get it too.  Don’t take it personally… but you can’t expect everyone to be equally engaged and knowledgeable.  Do they know how your product can change their lives?  Do they know the results they can expect from investing in your product? Identify not only the benefits but the results that clients can expect and be prepared to share them in an enthusiastic and engaging way.

#3  Not Consistently Engaging Your Clients–too many first time entrepreneurs focus intently on getting their product on the market or the website and then sit back waiting for the big bucks to roll in.  If that was your approach, I bet you are still waiting… To effectively market your product, you need to think like a marketer all the time.  That doesn’t mean you turn into the sleazy salesperson you hate.  It means that you look for opportunities to share, establish relationships and nurture your clients even when you aren’t actively selling.  You can do this in numerous ways;  a blog, a personal email or card or an ezine, but make sure that you are thinking like a marketer 24/7.


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