Kids and the Healing Power of Nature

Three silly, playing kids

What if a walk in a green environment could rewire brains, calm anxiety, and stave off mental health problems? I don’t have to tell you that mental health concerns among children is at an all time high. From academic stress to social pressures and familial issues, the weight of these challenges can be overwhelming. Additionally,…

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Summer Reading List: What I’m Reading Now

little girl reading a book

Summer Reading List: What I’m Reading Now As you might imagine, I spend a lot of time reading books, listening to podcasts and watching videos, all in an effort to keep up with current thinking and new strategies for helping young children succeed in our challenging world. Summertime is often a great time to catch up…

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Classroom Stress Relief Strategies for Kids

girl with glasses thinking

Students today are more stressed than any time in history.  Causes of stress may  include social pressures, family conflict, food/housing insecurity, struggles with identity or self-esteem, academic pressures, and life transitions. Any stressor can significantly impact a child’s mental health. Equipping students with coping mechanisms within the classroom setting is critical for their overall well-being.…

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How To Do Mental Health Check-ins with Students

mom and son

Concern for the mental health of elementary age students has been growing due to changes in our culture and the overall stress level in our society. Post-COVID, there has been a significant uptick in reported mental health concerns. The disruptions caused by the pandemic, including remote learning, social isolation, and uncertainty, have impacted the emotional…

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A Surprising and Simple Way to Treat Anxiety and Depression

stressed kid

How Random Acts of Kindness Can Help With Anxiety and Depression Mental health issues and especially depression and anxiety are at an all time high among young people. One of the impacts of Covid for many schools has been an increased number of students who are too anxious to even come to school, never mind…

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