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Wyatt the Wonder Dog School Counselor Resource Kit

Wyatt School Kit

Wyatt the Wonder Dog School Counselor Resource Kit You asked for it and we’ve put it together for you… Wyatt and I have been working really hard on a brand new product: Here it is: A Wyatt the Wonder Dog Kit that will take you all the way through the entire school year with lesson plans, stories to…

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4 ways to teach your best lessons

How to Teach Lessons that Inspire Students Take a trip back in time with me and visualize your most memorable teacher.  Maybe it was the one who inspired you to be an educator.  Maybe it was someone who encouraged you in a subject area that you were challenged in.  Maybe it was someone who recognized…

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DISCover Your Personality Style


Good counselors and educators do things well. Great counselors teach and inspire others to do things well. This month I was at the Kentucky School Counselor Conference in Lexington, Kentucky (shout out to all the GREAT counselors that I met there), where I taught a session on understanding personality style and working in your strengths.…

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Characteristics of a great counselor

mom and son

I was recently at a luncheon talking with some elementary school principals about school counselors and an evaluation method they are required to complete yearly on school counselors.  The instrument was so complex that they had to attend special training  to learn to use it properly. The evaluation emphasized collecting data in order to  prove the impact and success of the counselor.…

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