Have you failed lately?

What if the key to success is massive failure? Failure is an experience that we all avoid isn’t it? Whether you are starting a new business or a new career… Whether you are answering phones or making cold calls… Our goal is to always be successful…right? Failure on the other hand is something we have…

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fear of failure or fear of success?

Are you afraid of failure… or success? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if you deliberately chose to take a path in life where you knew there was a good chance you would fail? Would you steer clear of the challenge?  say bring it on?  start strong and then give…

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The growth mindset and success

boy scientist

Growth Mindset is the Key to Success Which statement describes what you believe:? You can learn new things but you really can’t change your IQ very much.  Your IQ is something that is just part of your DNA. You can not only learn new things but substantially change how intelligent you are. In her book…

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how to measure your success

Are you successful? I love to hike in the Georgia mountains…unless it’s cold or hot or windy or raining. Or I’m feeling tired, or unmotivated or … Well you get the idea.  It’s sort of a love-hate relationship to be honest.  I hate the effort and discomfort. I love the accomplishment of making it to…

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Does failure lead to success?

choose failure or success

Are failure and success related? He won’t do any work in class. She never turns in homework. She is capable, but doesn’t work up to her potential… If you have been  an educator for any length of time, you’ve had a child like this in your classroom. You’ve tried every strategy that you can think…

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7 ways to help a perfectionistic child

Child drawing on the easel.

How can you help a perfectionist child? Is your child a perfectionist? Do they put more pressure on themselves to succeed than you do? Does he become hysterical when he misses one question on a test or doesn’t make the highest grade? Does she collapse into tears when she strikes out at bat or misses…

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