Are you a boss or a leader?

Are you a boss or a leader? Lots of the clients that I work with supervise others.   Principals guide their schools. Teachers manage their students.  Managers direct workers.   Owners of businesses supervise their employees. Here’s an important question for anyone in any of these roles:  Are you a boss or a leader? A boss…

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what is your leadership style?

woman and leadership

Leadership Style “I’m not really a people person,”  a leader at one of my DISC training sessions told me. A coworker was surprised.   Many of us have the expectation that anyone in a leadership role must be a D personality style (dominant, decisive, doer, determined) or an I personality style (inspiring, influential, interactive).  In…

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Are you a leader? One question to ask.

kids together

Leadership and You Lately I’ve been doing a lot of leadership training at schools and conferences.  What qualities do you think of  when you think of great leaders? Integrity? Grit? Determination? Passion? Purpose? While these are all qualities that we may aspire to, John Quincy Adams penned a powerful leadership quote that can encompass all these…

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Broken Business Models

broken piggy bank

I talk with a lot of service based business owners with broken business models.  Here are common themes: stressed out can’t  find time for themselves overworked with too much too do can’t find the clients they want working in lots of directions but getting no results. Do you see yourself in that picture? Many of…

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Are you good enough?

Worried you aren’t good enough? You’ve finally identified your passion, your talent, your skill… You know how you want to serve others But… What if you aren’t good enough? What if you don’t know everything you need to know? What if you need more training, degrees, certifications or experience? I often hear this concern from clients…

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Are you being the leader of your life?

Leader or Follower? Have you followed someone else’s lead so long you don’t even think about leading your own life? Do you make your own decisions or do you lean on someone else to make the important ones? Do you worry that you’ll make all the wrong decisions? Want to be a Leader not a…

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