Goal setting, personality style and you

How to make your personality style work in your favor Do you set goals then fight against them? Do you find that you work hard to meet other’s expectations but fail to live up to your own? Maybe you question whether setting goals is even useful or necessary at all… In her fascinating book, Better…

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One Word for 2021

good time

One Word can Inspire Your Family What do you dream of for you and your family in 2021? Do you have a vision for your family’s future? Do you have an idea of the values and the principles that are your family’s foundation? Wonder how to make that dream happen? Resolutions and setting goals are…

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One Word and Vision Boards

vision board

How to use vision boards to set and achieve goals For the last several years, I have chosen a word in January to give me focus for the year. Then using the word as a theme, I create a vision board to provide focus for the year. Mid year is always a good time to…

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How do you find your passion?

Finding your passion through discovery Is your job also your passion? Could it be?   What if it were possible to be passionate about the 9-5 that you show up for every morning? A 2014 Gallup poll found that more than two thirds of workers were not only disengaged in their work… they were actively…

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3 Beliefs that Sabotage Goals

woman thinking

Self Limiting Beliefs Do you have some big goals? Are you making progress?   Or are you making excuses?   How long have you been saying you were going to write that book?  Start your own business?  Try a new career path? Get out of debt?  Get in shape? Maybe you think you tried and…

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