A school counselor resource of puppet and 8 picture books.

Social Emotional Learning Resource Kit

Are you committed to teaching lessons that nurture young leaders, but exhausted with researching and creating weekly lessons that matter? Do you have a packed calendar of lessons and groups to complete but are you running out of creative ideas to make the lessons happen?

Wyatt and I can help! We have created a Counselor Resource Kit that will take you all the way through the entire school year with lesson plans, activities and stories to read. There is even a Wyatt puppet to help keep the younger kids’ attention and finger puppets to create interactive lessons.

I know—it’s unbelievable!  Here’s what it includes:

  • 9 Wyatt picture books-each is a grab ‘n go lesson with discussion questions and an activity in the back
  •  The Elementary School Counselor Book of Lesson Plans– 32 grab ‘n go lessons, sample lesson assessments and a calendar to structure your entire year 
  • One Wyatt the Wonder Dog puppet with bandanna to accompany the Wyatt stories. 
  • Wyatt’s Little Book of Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities to extend the Wyatt picture book lessons.
  • Seven finger puppets for interactive lessons
  • The Elementary School Counselor’s Book of Leadership Lessons—28 lessons based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effect People 
  • A Wyatt tote bag to carry it all in:)

It’s got Wyatt doing the happy dance and he can’t wait to send YOU, your very own kit to start out the New Year with a BANG. See why I was so excited?

A school counselor resource of puppet and 8 picture books.

Such a deal!!  Order your kit here:

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