Cyber Monday Sale: Elementary School Counselor’s Combo Pack


Cyber Monday Sale!  20% off one day only!

Never wonder what to teach again…

The Elementary School Counselor’s Book of Lesson Plans

This book includes thirty-two lesson plans aligned with ASCA standards, along with activities, discussion starters, bibliographies, sample pre-test/post-test assessments and questionnaires to keep students engaged all year while developing, social emotional learning and leadership skills.

The Elementary School Counselor’s Book of Leadership Lesson Plans

Based on Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly successful people, this book is a treasure trove of 28 lesson plans aligned with ASCA standards, bibliographies, activities, problem situation cards, pre-test/post-test assessments and discussion

Elementary School Counselor’s Small Group Guide

The Counselor’s Small Group Guide is a grab and go workbook to save busy school counselors the time it takes to research and design group sessions on important topics such as empathy, authenticity, setting an intention, and much more. Each session is aligned with ASCA standards and designed to engage students with an ice breaker, discussion questions, and an activity to explore the lesson in their journal. Counselors can use all the steps in each lesson or adjust them based on the needs of their students and their
time frame.

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