Wyatt’s Stories to Learn By Combo Pack


Do you know a child who struggles with being a good listener?

Could your students improve on cooperation, teamwork, and getting along better with others?

Need some help with teaching elementary students empathy and how to handle friendship difficulties?

Children learn best through stories and the Stories to Learn By Combo Pack is the perfect way to teach young children important social/emotional lesson.

9 Wyatt picture books-each is a grab ‘n go lesson with discussion questions and an activity in the back

The Elementary School Counselor’s Lesson Plans for Stories to Learn By is a companion book especially designed for school counselors, educators, parents, or anyone who uses the Wyatt the Wonder Dog Picture Book Series to teach social emotional skills.  It includes discussion questions, activities, games, ASCA aligned lesson plans, reproducible coloring sheets, word searches, pre-test/post-test assessments and more for each of the nine Wyatt the Wonder Dog Books.

Price includes shipping.

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