Social Emotional Learning Resource Kit




Are you committed to teaching lessons that nurture young leaders, but exhausted with researching and creating weekly lessons that matter?

Do you have a packed calendar of lessons and groups to complete but are you running out of creative ideas to make the lessons happen?

Wyatt and I can help! We have created a Counselor Resource Kit that will take you all the way through the entire school year with lesson plans, activities and stories to read. There is even a Wyatt puppet to help keep the younger kids’ attention and finger puppets to create interactive lessons.

I know—it’s unbelievable! Here’s what it includes:

9 Wyatt picture books-each is a grab ‘n go lesson with discussion questions and an activity in the back

A digital lesson plan for each of the picture books. Each one includes a ready to go lesson  aligned with ASCA standards, objectives and materials list, a discussion guide and matching worksheet, a word search, activities or games for different ages, a pre-test/post-test assessment, and coloring sheets

The Elementary School Counselor Book of Lesson Plans– 32 grab ‘n go lessons, sample lesson assessments and a calendar to structure your entire year

An adorable Wyatt the Wonder Dog puppet with bandanna to accompany the Wyatt stories

The School Counselor’s Small Group Guide- a grab and go workbook to save busy school counselors the time it takes to research and design group sessions on important topics including empathy, being authentic, setting an intention, compassion for others, serving others, self-compassion, expressing feelings and a final session on reflection of what has been learned . Each session is aligned with ASCA standards and designed to engage students with an ice breaker, discussion questions, and an activity to explore the lesson both in the group and in their journal. Counselors can use all the steps in each lesson or adjust them based on the needs of their students and their time frame.

A digital Student Journal- This downloadable kid’s journal has fun getting to know you games, creative activities, and space to doodle, color, journal or let go of worries. Designed to help upper elementary age kids develop self-confidence and meaningful friendships, it can be used as a standalone journal as well as a perfect companion to The School Counselor’s Small Group Guide. 

Seven finger puppets for interactive lessons

The Elementary School Counselor’s Book of Leadership Lessons—This book is a treasure trove of ASCA aligned lessons to nurture tomorrow’s leaders based on Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people. It includes twenty-eight lesson plans, bibliographies of picture books that teach the seven habits, activities, problem situation cards, and learning assessments.

A Wyatt tote bag to carry it all in:)

Shipping included!