Does Personality Style Impact Goal Achievement?

How to work in your strengths and achieve your goals

You might wonder what your personality style has to do with how you set and accomplish goals… easy answer: everything.  I’ve written in a previous post about personality style: Understanding Personality Style can Improve Your Business. 

Each style approaches setting goals differently.  Here are some highlights:

  • If your main style is D, then your focus is on the future and you are a high achiever.  
  • If your main style is I, then your focus is on the present and you believe in living life to the fullest especially through meeting and influencing people.
  • If your main style is S then your focus is on feelings, no matter the time frame and you believe in creating environments that are problem free and harmonious.
  • If your main style is C then your focus is on the past and you believe in making logical choices by researching all the details in order to make wise decisions.  

Setting and Achieving Goals

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, each personality style approaches goals differently and each have their own unique challenges. 

D styles tend to be over committed and have too many irons in the fire.  Often their goals are not well thought out or researched and they tend to underestimate how long it will take to accomplish them. They are high energy and can be demanding of others.  

I styles love new goals especially if they are fun or interesting.  However they tend to have poor follow through and impulsively jump from one activity to another. Goals may change frequently and because they  value spontaneity, they rarely write them down and lack a plan for accomplishing them.  

S styles set few goals and usually only when there is a favorable environment or when encouraged to do so by others.  Because they dislike pressure and goals create pressure they often procrastinate until they are forced to take action.  They are sensitive to criticism and rejection. S styles tend to work slowly, methodically and steadily.  

C styles focus on the path and procedures necessary to accomplish goals rather than the goals themselves.  They tend to have high standards and are often frustrated if they don’t accomplish goals in a timely and specific way.  C styles can get lost in the details and elaborate goal formats.  

Some Tips to Make Your Style an Asset

Each style can benefit from recognizing their unique perspective and making some accommodations.

D styles

  • Take the time to clarify your goals and expectations.  Write them down.
  • Think through the details and time requirements for each before taking on a new one.
  • Pace yourself more.  Practice being a marathoner rather than a sprinter.

I Styles

  • Add more structure to your day and you will find it actually enhances your spontaneity (counter intuitive I know).
  • Finish what you start before you commit to a new goal.
  • Keep a written to do list rather than trusting your memory.  Keep it current.

S Styles

  • Learn to say no and maintain a limited number of commitments so you don’t feel overwhelmed and shut down.
  • Work smarter, not just harder and faster.  Look for ways to simplify and modify your work load.
  • Keep a close account of results and maintain accountability with a partner.

 C Styles

  • Back off on your expectations of yourself and others.  Take a breathe, relax and release tension.
  • Follow up analysis with a specific action.  Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Set time limits for tasks and goals.  Realize that work is always in progress and maintain a realistic view of the whole picture.

By recognizing our unique personality style and approach to goal setting, we can develop strategies to become more productive and successful in accomplishing our goals.

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