Are you in love… with your work?

Are you having a Love Affair with Your Work?

To be truthful, there are times when I am in love with my work and there are other times when I don’t feel so loving.  For instance, I’m not in love with my work when I have to show up at events that are challenging. I’m not in love with my work when I have chores to do that seem mundane rather than inspiring. Tracking expenses or getting information together for taxes at the end of the year is a good example. 

So the question becomes, do I love my work or do I hate my work?  Maybe you can already tell where I’m going with this but the answer is a bit complicated.  Because I don’t define how I feel about my work based on my emotions.  I define how I feel about my work based on my thoughts about my work which ultimately determine my feelings.  It is actually how you create and define your emotions as well, although you may not know it.  

Much like we make a choice to be happy or unhappy each day, we also make a choice as to how we feel about our work.  I’ve decided to love my work. You might think, “Well that’s easy for you to say.  You’ve created your own coaching/training/writing business.  So of course you love what you’ve created.”  But the truth is that whether I work for myself or for someone else is irrelevant.  I could just as easily decide to love my work while working for someone else.  I could even love my work while working in deplorable situations or with a difficult boss or supervisor. It is a choice.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that you put up with a bully at work or ignore the difficulties in a job.  Instead I’m suggesting that how you feel ultimately is controlled by your thinking and if you are dealing with a difficult situation of any kind you might as well decide to love something about it so that you can most effectively handle the situation and move forward. In other words, maintain control of the one thing you always have control over, your mind and your thinking, so that you can best handle and resolve problems.  

So how can you too have a love affair with your work?

Find your why: Look for a deeper meaning beyond the day to day mundane or the hardship you are facing.  This might be something as profound as how you are saving the planet or as ordinary as how you are able to pay your bills or put your child through college.  Anything is possible.  There are people who love cleaning houses because they are helping their customers have better, more productive lives and people who love cleaning houses because they are providing a better life for their children.  Your why has to make the work meaningful to you, not necessarily anyone else.

Focus on the positive:  This is much more than having a Pollyanna attitude or looking for the silver lining.  This is a sense of gratitude for not only the personal benefits of the work but also for the ways that it stretches you and calls you to be a better person. Once you can truly be grateful for difficulties, then you are in a better frame of mind to resolve problems.

Have a job that is mind numbing and repetitious?  Ask yourself: How can I make it more interesting? Are there ways to make it more creative?  Could it be a stepping stone to something else?  Can I transform the job so that it is more challenging, not just for me but for others as well?

Having difficulty with a boss?  Can you learn new communication skills, develop a better understanding of their personality and how to approach them or even follow the procedure to hold them accountable?  Do you need to be a whistle blower? Can you recognize your personal strengths and ability to overcome hardship? Do you need to step into a leadership role yourself?

Accept that love requires both hardship and joy: Love affairs aren’t always a bed of roses whether with our beloved or with our work.  On the other hand, love affairs that weather storms are much more solid and resilient. Learn to be grateful for the difficulty so that you can also enjoy the pleasure. 

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