I Appreciate You!

Appreciation, Recognition and Inspiration

May 2014 was a significant month for me. I left a  twenty year school counseling career in order to launch my own business of publishing children’s picture books with an empowering message and coaching clients to maximize their potential and follow their passion.   As I retired from my school counseling career, I was given a parting gift.  It was probably one of the best, most meaningful gifts I’ve ever been given. Here is a picture of it:

The Background to the Gift

For the One Word booklet, each teacher was asked to share one word that they felt described me. The results were fascinating and touching. Here are some of the most common words:

  • compassionate-three times
  • inspirational/motivational-four times
  • creative-four times
  • calm-six times

Here was a wonderful benefit of the gift: I felt truly appreciated and honored.  Even now, years later, I am grateful for such a special and meaningful expression of appreciation.

We All Need AIR

Chris Hogan, All-American college football player and currently a speaker for the Dave Ramsey organization states that “appreciation is oxygen for the soul.”  He has created a mnemonic, AIR, that stands for Appreciation, Inspiration and Recognition, all key elements of that oxygen so necessary for the health of our spirit. When we neglect these elements, we often allow the negative voice in our brain to have victory over us.  When we live and work in an environment that doesn’t provide appreciation, inspiration and recognition, we become discouraged and unmotivated.

  • We all need appreciation.  Appreciation for a job well done.  Appreciation for our talent and energy.  Appreciation for who we truly are and how we share that with others.  Appreciation can come from many sources.  It can come from mentors and friends, professional contacts and family. Do you live and work in an environment where you are appreciated?  Do you let others know that you appreciate them?
  • We all need inspiration.  We can be inspired by the books we read and the seminars we attend, the leaders we encounter and the peers we work and socialize with. We need to be intentional about planning for our own inspiration so that the well doesn’t dry up.  In order to inspire others, we need to nourish ourselves. How are you nourishing yourself?
  • We all need recognition.  As women, we often modestly say, “I don’t need to be recognized for what I do.  I don’t like to be the center of attention.”  But it does feel good doesn’t it? Recognition may be a public recognition such as being named employee of the month or teacher of the year.  It can also be a personal email or letter that notes your accomplishments. When have you recognized someone that is meaningful to you?

I once worked for a principal who expressed gratitude to others by giving them a little stick on pin that said, ” I appreciate you”.   She gave me one after I helped with a project and I wore that pin on my name tag until it fell apart.  Appreciation, inspiration, recognition.  They are as necessary as the air we breathe.  They don’t have to be as formal as a parting gift filled with special words.  They can be a heartfelt compliment, a caring hug or a listening ear.  We all need appreciation don’t we? 

When was the last time you felt appreciated? 

When was the last time you were recognized for your hard work?

What if its possible to create work where you feel appreciated for doing work that matters? Let’s talk:



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