Kids and Self-esteem

Kids and Self-esteem

Back in the day when I was a kid, (which I admit was long, long ago), no one worried about kids developing self-esteem.  I’m not even sure the concept of self-esteem existed.  What did parents worry about?  Well, other normal stuff; kids behaving, kids being successful in school, kids getting along with each other.  Then somehow we got derailed and tried to make sure everyone felt good all the time.  Self-esteem became a goal to achieve. Worst of all, we thought we could achieve it just by telling kids how wonderful they were and not requiring any effort on their part.

Lucky for kids of the current generation, we’ve revamped the idea of self-esteem and now understand that it involves more than telling everyone they are special.  It involves effort, practice, taking on challenges and enduring hardship.  It’s not as easy as just believing in yourself. It involves accomplishment and achievement.  Listen to Vivian tell us the better way to feel good about ourselves:


Did you catch Vivian’s advice? Here it is in review:

  • Try your best
  • Pitch in
  • Turn I can’t into I can
  • Practice the things you do well
  • Make a list of what you are good at and review it often

Notice that Vivian doesn’t just tell you to believe in yourself.  She gives practical ways to take action while practicing a positive proactive mindset.  She models a great way to raise self-esteem and gain confidence in one’s ability.

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