Are you spending or investing?

What is the difference?

Ever thought about how you use your money?

There are two ways to use money and it’s important to  recognize the difference.

When you spend money… it’s gone.  There is no return on the money.  Of course you have something in it’s place:  a new outfit, a new car, a new book to read or bracelet to wear.  There is certainly some satisfaction in that.

When you invest money there is a return.  It may be a financial return or an educational return or some other way that you benefit. Education of any kind is an investment (college, certification, private school), coaching, joining various business groups is an investment. You expect that you will get a return on your investment in more business or more income.  

I believe that you should have a balance of both spending and investing.  Both can be useful and satisfying but its important that you don’t neglect one for the other.  Going on a spending spree with little thought to the benefit of what you are buying while leaving no money to invest in yourself will ultimately leave you with few resources.  On the other hand, never purchasing something just because you would enjoy having it, can leave you feeling like you are living in Camp Scarcity.  

Of course either spending or investing also requires making a decision about the value of your purchase. Use good judgment and thoughtful assessment of either before you buy.  Just as you may create a vacation fund or a Christmas fund to save for an expected event, it’s a good idea to create a personal development fund so that you can invest in yourself and your future.  Regularly add to your personal development  and invest in who you are becoming. 

So whenever you take money out of  your wallet or pull out your credit card, ask yourself what you are doing.

Ar you investing in something that has the potential to make you or your business better in the future?

Or are you spending on something that is worth the money and will give you a sense of satisfaction?

If it’s neither, put your wallet back in your purse and walk away.

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