4 Ways to Raise a Happy Child


4 Ways to Raise a Happy Child What does it take to raise a happy child? A trip to the toy store and a pocketful of cash? A loaded bag of candy after a night of trick or treating? Popcorn, a movie and permission to stay up late? While all these things might garner a…

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Gratitude and Hardship

How do you make the most of life’s challenges? My life hasn’t been perfect.  Has yours?  I’ve experienced everything from the loss of a job to the death of a parent and husband.  I’ve had interpersonal conflicts and personal failures.  I grew up in what used to be called a broken home and I’ve been…

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Are you feeling grateful?


Are You Feeling Grateful? Do you wonder how anyone could feel grateful in times like these? Developing an attitude of gratitude is something that can be started early in small ways and then developed into a daily perspective that is an effortless habit. Gratitude involves learning to first, be aware and secondly, to frame the…

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