The power of ‘not yet’ in changing behavior

student with a smiley face note

“Not Yet” and Changing Behavior As I visit schools and provide training in DISC personality style to staff and parents, I’m often asked, “Can you change your basic personality style or is it just hard-wired in?”  The exciting news in all areas of human development is that we can change and grow in many ways.…

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Parenting the Sensitive and Introverted Child

Sad child

Parenting the Sensitive and Introverted Child A mother recently told me her concerns about her son who is very introverted.  “He is so quiet and reserved, we’ve been working with him to help him feel more comfortable in social situations,” she said. According to the DISC personality assessment, there are two personality styles that are…

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DISCover Your Personality Style


DISCover Your Personality Good counselors and educators do things well. Great counselors teach and inspire others to do things well. This month I was at the Kentucky School Counselor Conference in Lexington, Kentucky (shout out to all the GREAT counselors that I met there), where I taught a session on understanding personality style and working…

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