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Parenting the Sensitive and Introverted Child


Children and Personality Style A mother recently told me her concerns about her son who is very introverted.  “He is so quiet and reserved, we’ve been working with him to help him feel more comfortable in social situations,” she said. According to the DISC personality assessment, there are two personality styles that are reserved.  The…

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children and generosity

smiling little girl with red heart

How do you encourage kids to be servant leaders? The upcoming holiday season is a great time to teach children about generosity and gratitude. Developing the trait of generosity is something that can be started early in small ways and then developed into bigger projects as the child grows. Taking into consideration the personality of the…

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How to change bossy behavior in children

A feud between children

Tips for Thriving with the Strong Willed Child Is your child strong willed? Do you have a strong willed student in your classroom? Determined Spirited In charge Self-reliant Competitive We can either embrace their strengths or spend our days in power struggles.  We can appreciate the value and leadership they can bring to any group…

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