Is your mindset sabotaging your business?

Mindset Matters in Business What if it’s possible that you are accidentally sabotaging your business with a scarcity mindset? Have you ever said: “Charging that price would be highway robbery.” “I try to help everyone who needs my help.  If I get more specific about who I serve, I’ll wind up with no clients at…

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Having a confidence breakdown?

woman with hat

Low confidence a problem? “Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.”   Ever had your Inner Critic take control? Maybe your inner voice said something like… Who do you think you are to imagine you could..? Everyone else does it better than you. Everyone else is more successful than you. Maybe it’s time to…

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Why generic marketing programs don’t work

Or how to recognize what really works in marketing You see them all the time. They promise extraordinary results. They do all the work for you-all you need to do is click a few times and… voila, (!)  you have a zillion new clients and a gazillion dollars in your bank account.  I got sucked…

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