Create a Positive Back to School Mindset


Tackling those Back to School Blues

Here in Georgia, it’s back to school and there is excitement in the air!

As the school counselor in an elementary school, the beginning of school was always a mixed bag of smiles and tears.  I frequently spent lots of time  comforting crying children who missed mom, dad, brother, sister or their second cousin once removed.

I’m reminded of a Peanuts cartoon,  where Charlie Brown says to his little sister, “School starts Monday.”

To which she replies, “Not for me!”

“What do you mean, not for you?” Charlie Brown asks.

“I went last year!” Lucy says.

I think many kids could empathize with that statement. On the second day of school, they feel that the newness of a fun first day is over and there is the realization that this school stuff is more than a one-time-thing. There’s a lot of anticipation and hype about the first day, but what about the 2nd day or the 50th or the 150th day?

As one crying student told me, “My brother didn’t tell me kindergarten would be so hard!”

Different Strategies for Different Personality Styles

What’s a mom, a dad, a counselor to do? Taking personality styles into consideration is important.

  • For the ‘D’ wired  or in charge dominant child, find a way for them to be challenged and have choices within the structure of their day.
  • For the ‘I’ wired  or inspiring, interactive child, be sure to include lots of social time with others and some fun activities both in their school day and in preparation for it.
  • For the ‘S’ wired sensitive and introverted  child provide plenty of encouragement and create a peaceful, stress free morning.
  • Finally, for the ‘C’ wired cautious, conscientious child emphasize routine and doing things the best way.

Finally, all students benefit from getting started well with a nightly schedule and a morning routine.

Expectations are important.  If we as parents and educators expect students to look forward to school, we are more likely to transfer our enthusiasm and excitement to our children.

How do you help children prepare and adjust to new experiences?

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