Wyatt Goes to Kindergarten Video Combo Pack


Starting kindergarten can be exciting and a little scary all at once. In this video story to learn by, Wyatt learns how much fun the first day of kindergarten can be through narration and magical illustrations that help prepare children for the big day.  Video Combo Pack includes a copy of the paperback book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog Goes to Kindergarten.

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 Wyatt Goes to Kindergarten

Wyatt has never liked change, at least not at first.  Once he tries something new, he usually finds he really likes it.  Now that he is about to begin kindergarten, Wyatt is really worried.  Will he make friends?  Will he get lost in the new school?  Will he miss his mom?  Join Wyatt in his latest “wonder-full” adventure!

This book is destined to be a classic in every home and kindergarten classroom.  It is a fun and gentle way to introduce young children to that every exciting-but scary big step in their lives–the first day kindergarten. ~Deanna Trott, Kindergarten, First Grade Teacher