Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Good Manners Video and Lesson Plan Combo Pack


Do you know a child who is struggling with a bossy friend?

Do you know children who could benefit from learning how to show kindness and good manners to each other?

In this Video Combo Pack, Wyatt’s dilemma comes to life through narration and magical illustrations that engage kids in a problem that everyone will be familiar with.  The downloadable video makes an excellent classroom lesson on a common friendship dilemma. This packet includes a ready to go lesson plan aligned with ASCA standards, an explanation of the “I statement”, an objectives and materials list, a discussion guide and matching worksheet, a word search, problem situation cards, feelings cards, 3 different activities or games for different ages, a pre-test/post-test assessment, and 3 coloring sheets. A great value for the busy school counselor!




Wyatt is always wondering about something and lately it is how to get his friend, Max to change his bossy ways. What can he do? Join Wyatt as he considers some rather unusual options until he discovers that a heart to heart talk with Max can create a new friendship with an old friend.

A great story! Have you ever had a friend that did some things that you disagreed with? Wyatt does and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Join Wyatt as he learns that being honest with his friend is the best and only way to solve the problem.

~Lynn Hughes M.Ed. professional school counselor, Ball Ground Elementary