How many positive comments does it take?

The Benefits of Creating a Positive Environment

What do you do when someone makes a critical comment?

Hide in bed with a pillow over your head?

Make a snappy come back…several hours later?

Repeat it over and over to yourself?

Shawn Achor in his book–

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work  writes about how many positive comments it takes to overcome one negative comment.

Turns out its a lot.

Based on research by psychologist and business consultant, Marcial Losada,  2.9013 is the ratio of positive to negative interactions necessary to ensure success. Known as the ‘Losada Line’, the studies show that if you rise above this line (and ideally a ratio of six to one is best), then teams produce their very best work.

What if we applied this knowledge to families and schools?  In short, what if we went beyond saying  “Good job!”  every once in a while and really told the people we care about…well, just how much we care?  Someone did some research on that too and it’s pretty powerful.

Focusing on positive interactions and making sure that we provide a positive environment with more encouragement than negativity can just by itself transform a relationship and ensure success.

How often do we as adults feel that our job as parents and teachers is to instruct and correct children, but that positive feedback is nice but not really necessary?

How often have you heard someone say, “Why do I have to compliment them on good behavior when that is just what they are expected to do anyway?”

Turns out we all flourish and perform best in a positive caring environment.  Oh, and it increases our own level of happiness too.

Who can you share a positive comment with today?

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