Helping kids develop grit


Helping kids develop grit You’ve got one kid in your class who is knocking it out of the park… they are on top of their assignments they are engaged they ask questions and are genuinely interested in learning You’ve got another who is failing… they are always behind the eight ball they are disengaged they are…

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Teaching a child persistence

boy watching soccer

Children and Persistence Here’s a pop quiz for you: Your child begs you to take piano lessons.  You aren’t so sure it’s worth the time and commitment.  After all, no one in your family has an ounce of musical ability and it’s a big expense. She is persistent though so you decide to give it a…

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Kids Can Learn a Lot From a Dog

We often share stories with kids of people who have overcome great odds in order to become successful. The examples are many but I recently got to thinking what could kids learn from a dog that overcame great odds? In 2014 I attended the US Disc Dog National World Cup Competition in Cartersville, Georgia.  This…

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