The comparison trap and kids


Kids and the comparison trap Is there a student in your life that is a people pleaser? Are they always looking for  approval and recognition? Do they worry too much about fitting in? Do they complain that they have no friends? Do they have trouble taking initiative, even in situations where they have experience and…

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Teaching the Perfectionist


Personality Style and Perfectionism Is there a student in your class who is an over the top perfectionist? Does everything have to be just so? Do they fall apart when there is the slightest mistake? This is a student who may fall into the C personality style. According to the DISC personality program, there are…

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Friendship Troubles

group of girls

Helping Kids See Problems as Opportunities Friends Making new friends. Handling  challenging situations. Knowing when to move on… What do you do when a friend wants to do something that is unkind, thoughtless, or involves breaking the rules? What do you do when a friend is bossy, self-centered and treats you unkindly? If a friend …

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