Picking the Topics for Elementary Small Groups

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Small groups are a great way develop relationships with students and teach meaningful lessons, all while maximizing your time by serving several students at once. What’s the downside? For me it was developing an effective system that I could repeat over and over rather than re-creating the wheel every year. The first question to tackle…

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3 Ways to Cope if You Are the Only Counselor at Your School

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It’s tough being the only counselor in a school. There can be lots of issues. It’s hard to take a day off (even when you are sick!), when there is no one else who understands your job. You worry about the kiddos when you aren’t there. There is no one to talk to about counselor…

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Every Child Needs a Champion

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  Don’t we all need a little encouragement like that from time to time? Someone to remind us of that all things are possible? Someone who accepts us just as we are without judgement, then helps us to be the better version of ourselves? Someone who isn’t just task focused (get the work done!) but…

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you belong

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How to create a relationship that matters Ever felt lonely? Left out? Wondered if you would ever be truly appreciated and cared for? I recently spoke with someone who told me, he never feels lonely.  Although he lives alone and does not currently have a partner, he still does not recall ever feeling lonely in…

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