Why you can’t motivate kids…

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Why you can’t motivate kids… Do your school work! Where is  your homework! Clean up your desk! Follow directions without reminders. How many of your referrals are for kids who are too stubborn, won’t cooperate and don’t do their work? How much of your time as a counselor is spent trying to motivate students? What…

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How do you change a child’s behavior?

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Changing a Child’s Behavior Educators wonder how to get children to apply themselves and care about learning the prescribed curriculum. School counselors wonder how to get children to change negative behaviors into positive ones that serve the both the child and their peers. Parents wonder how to do all of the above while managing to…

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Use Brain Science to Change Behavior

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Teach Lessons that Change Behavior Back in the day when I was teaching lessons to children regularly as a school counselor, I was always trying to determine the best way to engage children in the lesson as well as make sure that they could actually learn and remember it later.  Lucky for educators and parents…

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Discipline… What works?

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Teaching Rules or Values? Do you feel like you are constantly correcting children? Does it seem that you are redirecting and repeating behavior rules all the time? Guess what? You probably are.  In fact, research shows that from ages two to ten, children are urged by their parents to change their behavior once every six…

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Teaching kids to get better at getting along

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Teaching kids to get along together You’ve got two kids who disagree and fight constantly… Yet they seem attracted to each other like magnets… You’ve talked to them You’ve threatened them You’ve separated them… repeatedly. What’s the answer? We’ve all been in this situation before as educators and parents; two kids who just can’t get…

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Kids and anger

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Kids and Anger Challenges Do you have a student who has a low frustration tolerance?  Even the slightest thing sets him off? Do you have a child that loses control and throws temper tantrums?  Are you walking on eggshells trying to keep her on an even keel? What can you do to teach more emotional…

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