Four Coaching Myths

Business Coaching … who needs it?

Can’t you learn everything you need from reading books and attending training?

Your best friend also has a business, can’t you just ask her for help if you need it?

Sure things are tough, hectic even but its going okay– sort of.  Shouldn’t you wait until you are in a crisis to get coaching?

And seriously… who has the time?

Coaching Myths

  1. You need a coach who has had the same life/work experiences as you–I believe that life experience counts for a lot.  Certainly it gives a unique perspective and often helps your coach identify with your challenges.  If your coach has overcome or at the very least, slogged through those same challenges as you have, it can help establish rapport and give you well-founded confidence in her approach.  However, training and education count too.  It can provide knowledge of behavior change, best practices strategies and bottom line results.  Look for a coach who has both life experience and training and doesn’t mind sharing that with you. Personally I have been in the coaching business for over 30 years and have two masters degrees and a specialist degree, all in the field of counseling from Georgia State University.
  2. You don’t need a coach unless you are in a crisis–Just as doctors would prefer you practice a wellness program and make regular wellness visits before you get sick, so coaches would prefer you use coaching to improve your practice before a crisis occurs.  Life and business coaching can help you make better decisions, establish clarity around goals and create an action plan to attain those goals.  It can support you in tough times and keep you on track in good times. Business  coaching can help you  grow your business through attracting more clients while providing more margin in your life.  It can also help make sure you have a life, something that many solo-preneurs need.
  3. You need a lot of  free time to hire a coach–Actually coaching takes a relatively small amount of time but creates a huge return on the investment. Coaching today is delivered in a variety of ways and settings.  Most coaching is done over the phone or via internet for 40-60 minutes.  It is convenient, flexible, allows for few distractions, maximum privacy and surprisingly, excellent connection and rapport. Generally 2-4 sessions a month work well. Finally, coaching can help you set boundaries and create margin in your life so you have the time not only for coaching but for many other things that are a priority.
  4. If you have a good friend, you probably don’t need a coach–Coaching is more than just giving support and advice. It is more than venting over a glass of wine once a month.  In fact, a good coach is at times challenging and exacting.  A coach doesn’t care if you like them or not; they care that you get the results you hired them to deliver. They hold you accountable, even when you whine that you can’t do it.  On the other hand, they recognize when you are totally exhausted and need someone to lift you up.  They help you work through the difficult times and celebrate the victories with you.

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