Testimonials for Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Giving:

If you are looking for a creative way to teach your children about values, look to Wyatt the Wonder Dog.  In Lynne Watts latest book “Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Giving”, she focuses on showing her readers the value of giving as Wyatt longs for his Christmas gifts.  This book would be  a wonderful pre-Christmas gift during Advent since it includes hands-on activities that can involve even young children in learning the joy of giving. Sunday school teachers would also find this to be a fun resource for their elementary age classes.   I am a Family Physician and this book will be one that I will recommend to my young patient’s parents as a great parent/child activity.

~Suzanne Montgomery MD

“In this fun story, Wyatt learns you don’t have to be a grownup (or human) to make a big difference in others’ lives.What an important lesson for us all! Lynne Watts does it again with Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Giving.
~Erin K. Casey, author of the Zany Zia’s Hats to Where adventure series

Testimonials for Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Being Organized:

If you’ve ever lost your lunch money or misplaced your favorite toy, you can relate to Wyatt the Wonder Dog. This adorable story offers simple, helpful ideas that kids and parents can use to make life less stressful and more fun!
-Erin K. Casey
Author of: Zany Zia’s Hats to Where: An All Knight Adventure

Some children are naturally organized, it is how they are wired. Others are not, but what a great lesson for our children! The good news is that our children can see that with a few adjustments, something they once struggled with can be tamed and in such a fun way! Love the story and it’s message!
-Deb Ingino
Founder: www.MyWired Style.com

Wyatt The Wonder Dog learns a valuable lesson about the importance of being organized and the benefits of planning ahead. Readers too will enjoy experiencing Wyatt’s “Wonder”ful journey. What an empowering story for kids of all ages!
-TeShaunda Hannor-Walker, PhD, LPC, NCC
Co-author of: How To Raise A Successful Child with ADD

Speaking Testimonials:

Lynne Watts is a dynamic, innovative speaker. She brings a fresh perspective to familiar topics and creates exciting new material that sparkles and shines. Her friendly, engaging style makes an instant connection with any audience. Lynne teaches, entertains and inspires.

Sara L. Armstrong
Program Coordinator
Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel
Morehouse College

Lynne is an insightful school counselor who is able to talk with children in a way that they can understand the strategies she teaches for improving their character. Her new book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog, is an example of the type of fun way Lynne approaches teaching children to be the best they can be. She captures a child’s attention with her sincere demeanor and motivating approach to learning. Lynne portrays these same attributes to her speaking engagements and captivates adults, as well as children, when sharing her stories, insights and strategies.

Dr. Nonnie A. Weeks
Jaspar Elementary

Testimonials for Parenting With Heart Program:

This is a great way to help your family by understanding you! Identifying personality types and their needs will certainly help me to better support, not only my son but also my family.
-Fred Stille, Sixes Elementary parent

Parenting is a challenging road. This course gives you a map.
–Donna Merrell, Sixes Elementary parent

A great tool to guide and help develop your child’s best self.
–Lisa English, Kennesaw United Methodist parent

This is a great workshop for parents and teachers. It really makes you think about your personality and how it relates to your children.
–Angela Cline, Pickens County parent

Parenting with Heart is a very insightful presentation that helps parents and teachers better understand the varied personalities of children.
–Deanna Edward, Pickens County parent

The workshop provides valuable insights into family relationships and the dynamics of successful parenting.
–Susan Reeves, Curriculum Director Pickens County

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