Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Mindset Video and Lesson Plan Combo Pack


Do you know a child who struggles with failure and feels like a loser?

Do you know a child who needs the confidence to try new things?

Mindset is key and in this story to learn by, Wyatt helps kids learn that failure is a part of growing and trying new things. Practice and persistence are necessary keys to success.

In this video story to learn by, Wyatt’s lack of confidence comes to life through narration and magical illustrations that encourage kids to consider failure a stepping stone to success and persistence the key to learning something new.  The video makes an excellent individual or classroom lesson on growth mindset.

Video Combo Pack includes a downloadable video of Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about Mindset and a digital lesson plan that includes a ready to go lesson aligned with ASCA standards, an objectives and materials list, a discussion guide and matching worksheet, a word search, 6 different activities or games for different ages, mindset cards, a pre-test/post-test assessment, and 3 coloring sheets. A great value for the busy school counselor!.





Will Wyatt give up trying new things?

Will he have the confidence to try again?

Are there some things that take more practice and persistence to learn than others?

Wyatt the Wonder Dog didn’t make it on the All Star baseball team and he feels like a loser.  All his friends will be playing baseball this summer, while he and his pesky sister, Callie, visit grandparents at the beach.  How Wyatt learns to handle disappointment and failure will be an important lesson for the future.

This book is funny! Its dogs doing things that only people do! I learned to try new things. ~ ~Samuel Traub, Age 6