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Wyatt-Friendship Club

Help Kids Adapt to Change

Wyatt has never liked change, at least not at first.  Once he tries something new, he usually finds he really likes it.  Now that he is about to begin kindergarten, Wyatt is really worried.  Will he make friends?  Will he get lost in the new school?  Will he miss his mom? Check out the video of the Wyatt book, Wyatt Goes to Kindergarten in Wyatt's Friendship Club Resources. 

What do you get with membership? Downloadables (a really fun word)

Wyatt's Membership Site is a place for busy dedicated school counselors to access resources that teach leadership, growth mindset and social skills. Elementary school counselors play a vital role as the heart of the school and your days are full and challenging. Joining the membership site will make your job easier while at the same time delivering great lessons so you can do work that matters. Let's get started!