Kids and Rewards

Girl & boy looking at sweet jar

Are you sabotaging student learning with rewards? What motivates children to want to learn? Is it possible to motivate children without using rewards and treats? Could it be that using rewards is actually causing students to be unmotivated? Where does motivation come from anyway? Some Surprising Research In his book, Drive, The Surprising Truth about…

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Motivating Students

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset At a recent elementary school training, a teacher began asking me about strategies for a student who has no motivation.  He refuses to do any work at all and she has tried numerous strategies already.  “I’ve tried everything and nothing works,” she said.  As a school counselor for 20 years, I…

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Help Kids Set Goals that Motivate

Personality Style and successful Goal Setting Do you sometimes wish that you could swap your personality for another? Do you wish you could swap a child’s personality for another, at least long enough to get them to finish their homework or do their chores? If you are reserved, do you wish that you could be…

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Motivation: Helping children find their why


He has the potential to do so much more… She daydreams all the time and never focuses on the lesson. He doesn’t care and it shows in his work. How do you motivate an unmotivated child? In truth, every child is motivated toward something.  It just doesn’t always line up with what the adults in…

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