What to do when kids argue


Kids and Arguments “I had it first… it’s mine!” “I want the green one… you can have the blue one.” “No the green one is bigger… you always get the biggest one.” “You always get your way… it’s my turn to go first.” Sound familiar?  Recently after teaching a parent class at a local elementary…

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4 tips to teach effective listening skills

boy holding ears

Listening Skills are Key to Success Do people really listen to each other any more? With all the distraction and noise in our modern society, listening to one another has become a lost art. However, it is one of the most important skills for kids to learn to be successful students, employees and ultimately successful…

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Celebrate the Introvert

introvert girl

Worried about a Student Who is an Introvert? One of the most common misconceptions about personality styles is the difference between being shy and being an introvert. It’s not really the same thing. Shyness is often rooted in fear and anxiety while introversion is a type of personality style that has certain characteristics, most notably…

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School Counselor Resource Kit

A school counselor resource of puppet and 8 picture books.

School Counselor Resource Kit Are you committed to teaching lessons that nurture young leaders, but exhausted with researching and creating weekly lessons that matter? Do you have a packed calendar of lessons and groups to complete but are you running out of creative ideas to make the lessons happen? Wyatt and I can help! We…

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Surprising research about praise

parent and teacher with child

How Do You Praise a Child? What a great job you did! You aced this test, you are so smart! The home run you hit saved the day!  You are the best hitter on the team! In this age of positivism, affirmations and intentions, what could possibly be wrong with praising a child?  Turns out…

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School Counselor Resource

puppet and book

Wyatt the Wonder Dog School Counselor Resource  Do you spend a lot of time helping kids get better at getting along? Do you need a story that helps kids cope with bossy friends? Wyatt would love to help. Here’s a story to teach kids how good manners between friends can save the day:    Wyatt…

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