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Got a question?

Here’s how to ask it to maximize your results In a previous post, I revealed the secret to getting what you want in life… Spoiler alert: simply ask for it. If asking for what you want is so easy, why don’t more people do it?  How hard can it be to ask a question?  Turns…
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Are you procrastinating?

Can’t seem to find the motivation you need? You know what you need to do but… You’ve promised yourself that today will be different, but well… you held yourself back again. You are beginning to wonder if you should just trash the idea altogether.  After all you are stressing yourself out over not doing it…
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Two Tips to Double Your Productivity

Eliminate Two Things to Be More Productive What if you could make two simple changes in your life and double your productivity?   What if it not only increased your productivity but it also freed you from unnecessary stress and frustration?  It’s a no brainer… right?  Here are two changes I’ve been making that have improved…
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Feeling Scared? Good!

Is Your Passion Greater than Your Fear? One of the most common emotions that I work with clients on is fear.  Fear can be paralyzing.  Fear can hold you back from realizing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.   Fear can be a good thing. Whaaaaat? What if it is possible that fear can influence us,…
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Living a purposeful life

Three ways to live a life of purpose Are you living the life you wish to live? Or are you living a life of comfortable complacency? I believe we all have a mission or a calling in life.  It might not be a big world wide mission like caring for the dying as Mother Teresa…
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Simple Steps to a Productive Day

Wonder how to have a productive day? Do you react to events as they unfold? Are you always putting out fires or responding to emergencies? Or do you plan, schedule and organize your priorities? Are you living an intentional life? For many years, I lived my life by being reactive instead of creative.  I started…
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