Time-saving Technology

Overwhelmed with technology?

Do you wish for the days when the business world was little simpler?

I totally understand.  Sometimes it seems that the many time saving devices we have take… well, too much time.  

Here are a couple of tools that I use daily that I think are worth the effort.  

Wisestamp–  You answer a lot of emails right?  What if every email you answered was a mini advertisement for your business?  What if it included some really great features like a photo of you and your latest blog post as well as a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn page?  Wisestamp does all of this and more. I frequently have people ask me how to get a similar signature on their emails.  There is a free version which works just fine for one email address.  Upgrade to pro for more than one signature.  Here is the link:  http://www.wisestamp.com/ 

Sidekick–Wonder what emails get opened and which ones don’t?  Sidekick from Hubspot lets you know when emails are opened with a quick popup message.  Helps you track all those individuals who look at your email but don’t respond so you know when to repeat the message and when to just be patient. Works with gmail and outlook.  Yes, there is a free version:  http://www.getsidekick.com/

Cardcam–Do you have a basket full of  business cards that you have collected but hate to throw away because you are afraid you might need to look them up sometime?  When you do search for one, does  it take forever to find it? That was me until I discovered Cardcam.  Download the app  to your phone then when you scan business cards, it stores and sorts (!) them for you.  So the next time you want to look up a plumber or an accountant, you can easily find that card.  You can also send a contact to a friend.  Don’t forget to scan your own business card into the system so you can share it even when you don’t happen to have a stash on you.  All this for free!  Here’s the link:  https://www.camcard.com/


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