5 Ways to Create a Summer of Renewal

family relaxing on the grass

Do this… Not this Does summer mean a time of renewal for you? How do you make that happen? Here’s how NOT to make it happen: Dive into the weeks ahead with no plan except to fill every moment with enriching activities.  Schedule back to back camps or sports activities for the kids. Volunteer for every…

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What if being bored is good for kids?

bored kids

Three Ways to Slay the “I’m Bored” Dragon Summer is a time of relaxation and freedom.  It’s unstructured days and late nights;  movies and picnics, wild roller coaster rides at the theme park and lazy days poolside.  But eventually something will probably rear it’s ugly head.  It’s the dreaded “B” word. My kids would usually…

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Create summertime memories through writing

girl writing

Summertime memories School Is All Over School is all over I’m in the next grade– And it’s picnics and popsicles, Pink lemonade, Sunburns and sailing And feet that are bare T-shirts and sneakers And sand in my hair, Swimming and rowing And fisherman’s fun. It’s hard to believe it, But summer’s begun.~Alice Low Don’t you love…

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How was your summer?


Measuring Goals For many parents and teachers in the south, the summer is rapidly coming to a close and school will soon be starting.  This means that families are getting in those last minute vacations and activities.  Kids are counting the last days of freedom while many parents are counting the number of day until…

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