What Will Be Your One Word for 2021?

anything is possible

 Create Focus and Energy with One Word The New Year is here and I have a quick little test for you. (Don’t you just love pop quizzes?) When I think about my plans for 2019, I am… a.  Not setting goals.  They never worked before and it is a waste of my time. b.  Evaluating…

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One Word to Create Focus

family and one word

One Word and Focus Kids grow up so fast. The world changes even faster. What will your students be like in five years?  Ten years? Do they have a vision for the future?  Do they have an idea of the values and the principles that are their foundation? Stephen Covey  wrote extensively about the importance of…

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Choose one word to focus your year

What being open has meant in 2017 Every year I choose a word to define my year.  I’ve been doing this for a while so I’ve journeyed along side joy, adventure, possibilities and love.  This year my word has been open.  I wanted to create a mindset of being open to everything around me.  Here…

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