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Gifts and the Five Love Languages

The Holidays and Gift Giving The holidays are almost upon us and as usual there is a lot of discussion about gifts. A big dilemma for me when my children were little was what to get  and how much to get. The lists they gave me seemed endless and constantly changing, depending on the current toy…

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What if being bored is good for kids?

Three Ways to Slay the “I’m Bored” Dragon Summer is a time of relaxation and freedom.  It’s unstructured days and late nights;  movies and picnics, wild roller coaster rides at the theme park and lazy days poolside.  But eventually something will probably rear it’s ugly head.  It’s the dreaded “B” word. My kids would usually…

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Six Strategies for a Stellar School Year

It’s the beginning of the school year here in Georgia.  Teachers, parents and students alike are abuzz with anticipation and excitement.  Educators have been hard at work for days; setting up classrooms, planning lessons and getting everything ready for that big first day that sets the tone for the year. First impressions, first days and first…

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