4 ways to teach your best lessons

How to Teach Lessons that Inspire Students It’s a challenging time for educators as schools close due to the Covid-19 and everyone takes to teaching virtual lessons. I hear from teachers who are exhausted and overwhelmed. The fact that schools may not even open again in the fall has everyone anxious. What if you re-frame…

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5 Ways to help children develop GRIT

kids on playground

Prepare the child for the path; not the path for the child.  (author unknown) Our current environment where many parents are sheltering at home with their families and working remotely at the same time is a stressful time for all. One of the unseen benefits however, may be the many lessons children learn about the…

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Decrease the Stress while Sheltering in Place

Decrease the Stress while Sheltering in Place As you read all the posts about family bonding while sheltering in place are you wondering how they do it? Keeping your fingers crossed that everyone will get along? Finding it exhausting instead of relaxing? Here are some tips: Plan together Involve the whole family in planning the…

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