Are you sabotaging your goals?

Mindset Matters Do you have a dream or a goal and then struggle to make it happen? Do you blame it on resistance? Frustration? Uncertainty? Lack of willpower? Maybe you want to lose weight but every time you start making progress you reward yourself with…  chocolate cake? Maybe you have a dream of developing your…

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Why mindset matters

Mindset Matters What you think about makes a difference. Change begins within and moves outward. You become who you think are.Visualize yourself as confident and you eventually become confident. Visualize yourself as a failure…unfortunately you will become a failure, however you define failure. This is isn’t just wishful thinking. There is research to back it…

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4 reasons you might need a coach

4 sticky notes on whiteboard

Reasons you need a coach I hear a lot of excuses for not hiring a coach.  Here are four that I heard just this week: My business isn’t making enough money to justify hiring a coach.  I’ll look into it when I am making more money. My life is out of control and I need someone…

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Having a confidence breakdown?

woman with hat

Low confidence a problem? “Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.”   Ever had your Inner Critic take control? Maybe your inner voice said something like… Who do you think you are to imagine you could..? Everyone else does it better than you. Everyone else is more successful than you. Maybe it’s time to…

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Four Coaching Myths

Business Coaching … who needs it? Can’t you learn everything you need from reading books and attending training? Your best friend also has a business, can’t you just ask her for help if you need it? Sure things are tough, hectic even but its going okay– sort of.  Shouldn’t you wait until you are in a…

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How to cope with challenging choices

woman thinking

Challenging Choices A funny thing happened at a party that I recently attended. The invitation included instructions to back into the driveway in order to create enough space for all the cars.  I rode to the party with a friend and on the way we discussed the “back in” issue.  Neither of us had ever…

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