Your Story Matters in Your Business

Why tell your story? Every business owner has a story.  Some are so well known that the business is the story.   Think Pencils of Promise or Tom’s Shoes. As a leader in your business, your story inspires others. It identifies the core values of your brand.  It makes your product or service memorable.  It…

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Personality Styles and Successful Relationships

Understanding Personality Can Be Key Sometimes soft skills are hard and understanding personality style can make the difference between success and failure in relationships. Here are some examples: You are a supervisor of a small department and one person in particular… drives you insane.  You just cannot understand how to communicate with her. Her attention…

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Been doing it too long to change now?

Change and Growing Your Business Have you ever said,  “I’ve been doing it this way too long to change”? A couple of years ago I decided to learn to play pickle ball.  I attended my first lesson at a pickle ball free play court where a pickle ball instructor showed me the basics and encouraged…

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how to create a business while working the J O B

woman on computer

Creating Your Own Business As a career and business coach, I often work with clients who are creating a business on the side while working a full-time job.  The goal of course, is to eventually leave the J O B and work full time in their own business.  Currently, because of Covid-19 and it’s affect…

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3 best sales practices

Best Sales Practices for Success Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to  sales in your business? Should you be? Or is it more important to make sure you are thinking inside the right box? A recent post was about the top 3 sales mistakes that I see clients make. In this post,…

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Broken Business Models

broken piggy bank

I talk with a lot of service based business owners with broken business models.  Here are common themes: stressed out can’t  find time for themselves overworked with too much too do can’t find the clients they want working in lots of directions but getting no results. Do you see yourself in that picture? Many of…

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