About the Author

Lynne Watts

Overworked and overwhelmed with the many responsibilities of the elementary school counselor job? Dedicated to developing lessons that matter on social emotional learning and leadership?

As a school counselor for twenty years in Canton, Georgia, I helped hundreds of students solve problems much like the ones that Wyatt solves in the Wyatt the Wonder Dog books. My goal is to provide grab and go lessons that teach important life skills like empathy, growth mindset, mindfulness and organizational skills. All the lessons are aligned with ASCA standards while engaging students with meaningful story themes and activities. 

You have an important job to do as you nurture and grow tomorrow's leaders. Wyatt the Wonder Dog Books and Lesson Plan series can help.


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About the Illustrator

Pam Gardner

Pam’s experience as a retired elementary school art teacher, as well as the antics of her beloved dogs and cats, past and present, provide her inspiration for illustrating the predicaments in which Wyatt finds himself.  Pam likes to spend time painting, hiking, biking, watching movies with her family and playing with grandsons, Trevor, Owen and Tyler.  She lives in the North Georgia countryside with her husband Glenn, and their dogs Callie and Scout.

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Wyatt the Wonder Dog is a celebrity!